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Alistair Aitcheson
Tap Happy Sabotage!
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Winner - Very Big Indie Pitch 2014

Now on display at the Game Science Center in Berlin

The developer, Alistair Aitcheson, runs Tap Happy Sabotage! as an installation at public exhibitions, museums, club nights and corportate events.

If you are interested in exhibiting the game at your venue please contact him at

What is Tap Happy Sabotage? | Press and Event Coverage | Design Ethos | Screenshots and Photos


what is Tap Happy Sabotage?

Tap Happy Sabotage is a touchscreen party game for up to 52 players on a single device.

Originally developed for the Intel App Innovation Contest 2013, the game encourages players to make full use of the big screen - that means pushing, shoving and cheating too!

Every player is given a card to find, as well as a similar-looking Sabotage Card, which will lose them all of their points. So the aim of the game is to grab your card and make sure to grab everyone else's sabotage cards!

Each round introduces a new rule, as well as a new reason to get in each other's way, and a new excuse to cheat and play dirty!

One minute you'll be clambering over each other to hold down three of your cards at once. The next, you'll be getting tangled up dragging your card away from a rampaging beastie. You may even have to clap, dance or hug - after all, there's never a bad reason to hug.

Press and Events

Tap Happy Sabotage: Four Screens, One Game
Guardian Gamesblog
24 Jan 2014

Tap Happy Sabotage is Pocket Gamer's Very Big Indie Pitch Winner
Pocket Gamer UK
23 Jan 2014

PG Connects : Découvrez Tap Happy Sabotage (Big Indie Pitch)
Pocket Gamer FR
23 Jan 2014

Freeware Games Pick and Interview
20 June 2014

Bonkers PG Connects Winner now Available
Pocket Gamer UK
19 June 2014


Tap Happy Sabotage! has been exhibited at the following events:

GameCity 9 - Nottingham (25 Oct - 2 Nov 2014)
EGX Expo Leftfield Collection - Earl's Court, London (25 - 28 Sept 2014)
GEEK Expo - Birmingham (19 - 20 Sept 2014)
Joypad Bar Super Warehouse Party V - London (13 Sept 2014)
National Museum of Computing - Bletchley Park (24 - 25 Aug 2014)
Gamescom Unity Booth - Cologne (13 - 15 Aug 2014)
JOIN Local Multiplayer Summit - Berlin (9 Aug 2014)
Joypad Bar Super Warehouse Party III - London (19 July 2014)
Games by the Sea (Develop Conference) - Brighton (9 July 2014)
Feral Vector - London (4 Jul 2014)
GameCamp 7 - South Bank University, London (17 May 2014)
Full Indie UK/Bristol Games Hub Showcase - Bristol (24 Apr 2014)
Indie Games Collective Conference - South Bank University, London (21 Mar 2014)
Pocket Gamer Connects - London (20-21 Jan 2014)


Alistair is keen to show the game at more locations - if you are interested in having Tap Happy Sabotage! as an installation at your venue please contact


Physical Multiplayer

The ethos of Tap Happy Sabotage

I've been developing games since 2001, and self-publishing my indie creations since 2011.

Tap Happy Sabotage! follows in the footsteps of my previous iPad games Greedy Bankers vs The World and Slamjet Stadium in getting multiple players to share a single screen and encouraging them to get in each other's way, and even to cheat!

When we allow all players to use the full extent of the touchscreen, rather than splitting them into sides, all kinds of amazing interactions occur.

Physical contact helps us connect as individuals. It makes an experience that can't be replicated without other people. people to cheat, grabbing each others arms to sabotage each other's plans.

Cheating requires creativity and imagination, and lets us show sides of ourselves we don't usually set free. Cheating creates humorous, unique and memorable moments.

With Tap Happy Sabotage! I wanted to use the giant space created by big screens on Windows 8 to bring even more players into the mix. That's why the game supports up to 52 players at once - the should be no limit to the number of people can join in and enjoy the calamity!

Shared touchscreen play is an incredible opportunity to bond and make friends. So don't just play this game - go out and make multiplayer games of your own too!

Alistair has spoken about the design of shared-tablet multiplayer games at Develop Conference, GameHorizon and GDC Europe.

He will be speaking at Develop Conference again this year about the design of games for big touchscreens.

Articles Written by Alistair

Transforming Local Mulitplayer with Big Touchscreens
Gamasutra, 2014

It's Time for Local Multiplayer to Get Physical
Gamasutra, 2013

Personal Space Invaders: Designing for Tablet Multiplayer, 2013

VIDEO: Re-imagining Multiplayer on Tablet
GameHorizon 2013

GDC VAULT: Getting Physical with Tablet Multiplayer
GDC Europe 2013

Articles About His Work

How iPads are Revlotuionising Social Games
Guardian Gamesblog, 2013

Other Multiplayer Games by Alistair

Greedy Bankers vs The World (iPad, 2011)

A game of gem-smashing and money making, where players can reach across the screen to steal each other's assets!
Eurogamer Indie Arcade 2011 - Finalist

Slamjet Stadium (iPad, 2013)

A physics-based futuristic deathsport, where players must fling their hoverbike-riding characters at the ball to score goals.
Gold Award Winner - Pocket Gamer
New & Noteworthy in 61 countries - App Store

Screenshots and Photos

screenshot -screenshot


Tap Happy Sabotage on an 88-inch screen


screenshot- screenshot

on the 88-inch screen again!

screenshot- screenshot